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Can you have alcohol delivered in Toronto?

We frequently receive inquiries about the legality of alcohol delivery in Toronto. Alcohol Delivery has licensed SMART drivers who can transport our alcohol in two hours and is approved by AGCO.

Any alcoholic beverage can be lawfully delivered in Toronto, but you must adhere to the LCBO’s operating hours. It is against the law for a business to sell its alcohol after LCBO hours.

Work with a business with an AGCO (Alcohol & Gambling Commission of Ontario) license to feel safe knowing you can rely on their products and services.

Visit our products page to select from more than 8000 alcoholic beverages and place an order to have alcohol delivered to your home.

We’ll deliver your item within two to three hours of receiving it, and you can track the delivery if you download our app.

Contact us at if you have any inquiries.

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Call 1-306-433-9869 toll-free.